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Since the Stepping Strong Center was established in February 2014, the cause has captured the imagination of local and national media as well as more than 20,000 individuals worldwide. Scroll down to view media coverage, Stepping Strong annual reports, and newsletter archives.

Media and Publications
Bharti Khurana, MD, Awarded $3.2M NIH Grant to Develop Clinical Tool for Identifying Signs of Intimate Partner Violence on Imaging

Bharti Khurana, MD, was awarded a four-year, $3.2 million grant for her project "Making the…

The Untrained Public’s Ability to Apply the Layperson Audiovisual Assist Tourniquet vs a Combat Application Tourniquet: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Although the Stop the Bleed campaign’s impact is encouraging, gaps remain. These gaps include rapid…

Doctors who work with Patriots hope Hamlin’s story inspires more people to learn CPR

Teams of trained first responders and readily available equipment dramatically improve the odds of survival…


Creating a Dynamic Hub for Injury Prevention in New England

Matthew Carty, MD

Reinventing Amputations for the 21st Century

Molly Jarman, PhD, MPH

Harnessing the Power of Injury Prevention Through Research, Education, and Community Outreach

Eric Goralnick, MD, MS

Facilitating Translation of Emergency Care Innovations in Military and Civilian Communities

Natalie Artzi, PhD

Accelerating Innovation to Advance Trauma Care

Omid Farokhzad, MD

Healing Bones with Nanodrones

A Portable Device to Keep Amputated Limbs Alive

Jeffrey Schneider, M.D.

Using Data Collection Technology to Understand Burn Survivors’ Long-Term Recovery

Cornelia Griggs, MD

Healing Wounds is Not Enough: Harnessing the Power of Public Health to Prevent Gun Violence

Bharti Khurana, MD

Making the Invisible Visible: Bringing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) into Focus

Scott Weiner, MD

Empowering Community Partners to Administer Narcan

Mathias Kolle, PhD

Innovators Create Scalable Color-Changing Compression Bandages

How Can We Fix It? Bio-Inspired Strategies to Improve Patient’s Lives

Rebecca Breslow, MD

An Interview with Stepping Strong Award Recipient and Sports Injury Expert Rebecca Breslow

Annual Reports

Stepping Strong Center Newsletters


Spring: Empowering People to Save Lives in Trauma
Summer: Join Us on November 3 for the 5th Annual Stepping Strong Symposium
Fall: Congrats to the 2022-23 Stepping Innovator and Breakthrough Award Recipients


Winter: Meet the 2020-21 Innovator Awards Winners
Spring: Announcing the 2021-22 Stepping Strong Innovator Awards
Summer: Research Spotlight: Q&A with Natalie Artzi, PhD
Fall: Highlights from the 2021 Stepping Strong Symposium


Fall: New Study: Domestic Violence Injuries Increase Sharply During COVID-19
Summer: Super-Charged Protection to Fight COVID-19

Stepping Strong Injury Prevention Newsletters


Winter: The BWH Trauma and Burn Center
Spring: Opioid Use Disorder Prevention
Summer: Harnessing the Tools of Public Health to Prevent Gun Violence
Fall: Blending Bingo and Exercise to Prevent Falls


Winter: Burn Prevention Outreach
Spring: Safety Is a Choice, Prevention Is Key
Summer: Drowning Prevention Resources
Fall: The MGB Community Cares Team

Falls Prevention

Fall: Long-Term Outcomes after Injury: The FORTE Multi-Center Cohort Study
Winter: Preventing Falls in Older Adults
Summer: The Center for Community Health and Health Equity Violence

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