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Injury Prevention - Outreach
Injury Prevention - Outreach

Members of the Stepping Strong community joined members of TextLess Live More, a student-led advocacy group dedicated to ending distracting driving, to demand a hands-free bill in Massachusetts.

Through our outreach activities, we seek to empower citizens and give them the tools to live a life exempt from the burden of injuries. Outreach also lets us share evidenced-based injury prevention discoveries with community members and policymakers with a goal of translating research into practice. Our outreach focus areas include:

  • Fall PreventionFalls Preventions with Tai Chi and A Matter of Balance. Led by the Trauma Division injury prevention coordinator, our Tai Chi for Arthritis and A Matter Balance programs work with older adults throughout the Boston area to reduce their risk of injury from falling through improved strength, flexibility, fitness, and balance. These programs help participants maintain their health and independence by preventing falls that result in injuries.
  • Violence PreventionViolence Recovery Program. The Brigham’s Violence Recovery Program (VRP) is a hospital-based advocacy program that provides support and referral to services for patients who sustain penetrating traumatic injuries (i.e., gunshot, stab wounds, or serious assault) from community violence. The team of VRP advocates support patients during their hospital stay and connect them to community services including counseling, substance use treatment programs, employment opportunities, and education programs.
  • Traffic SafetyTraffic safety. According to the National Safety Council, at least nine people die and 1,000 are injured every day in distracted driving crashes. To be clear, distracted driving isn’t just about avoiding your cellphone while driving; injuries also occur when using the GPS, changing the radio station, eating or drinking, and other behaviors that can divert your attention from the road. Clearly, much more must be done to prevent people from engaging with distractions while operating a vehicle. Recognizing this critical issue, traffic safety is a priority area for the Stepping Strong Injury Prevention Program.
  • Substance AbuseSubstance use. The Brigham Health Bridge Clinic provides rapid low-barrier access to patients with all types of substance use disorders (SUDs). Under the direction of Christin Price, MD, the clinic provides comprehensive addiction care for patients referred through inpatient services, the Emergency Department, and primary/specialty care practices. Multidisciplinary physicians from departments including addiction psychiatry, addiction medicine, infectious disease, and women’s health treat the underlying SUD with medications while social workers connect patients with services such as housing, food benefits, transportation, and recovery coaches who provide peer support as patients engage in treatment. The Stepping Strong Center is proud to partner with Bridge Clinic to offer resources and support to patients with SUDs. Learn more about the Brigham Bridge Clinic.
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