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"Trauma affects everyone, regardless of age, race, or economic status. Stepping Strong aims to reduce the number and severity of traumatic injuries in Boston and beyond."
—Ali Salim, MD, Stepping Strong Center Medical Co-Director

"A moment that defines my commitment to leading the center was when Gillian and I participated in B.A.A. 5K race. Our goal is to fuel innovation programs that lead to happy endings like Gillian’s."
—Mitchel B. Harris, MD, Stepping Strong Medical Co-Director

“For patients with a high level of chronic pain, amputation can be the best form of salvage. Ewing Procedure patients enjoy more precise control of their limb and increased sensory freedom.”
— Matthew J. Carty, MD, Stepping Strong Center Director of Strategy and Innovation

“Our goal is to provide the brilliant professionals at the Brigham with the funding to help patients with devastating traumatic injuries achieve the best possible outcomes."
—Steven, Audrey, Danielle, and Gillian Reny

The mission of The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation is to catalyze multidisciplinary collaborations that inspire groundbreaking innovation, effective prevention, and compassionate intervention to transform care for civilians and military heroes who endure traumatic injuries and events.

The Stepping Strong Innovator Awards program inspires multi-institutional faculty to pursue groundbreaking innovation with a goal of transforming outcomes for civilians and military heroes worldwide.

The Stepping Strong Injury Prevention and Intervention program aims to reduce the number and severity of traumatic injuries resulting from elderly falls, gun violence, distracted driving, and substance use.

The Stepping Strong Plastic Surgery Trauma Fellowship is a unique program designed to train the next generation of medical leaders in advanced and innovative techniques for treating acute and complex injury.

True to the Boston Strong spirit of kindness and collaboration, the members of the Stepping Strong community are inspired to come together to help those with traumatic injuries step strong again.

17 days till the #bostonmarathon.

Molly Pfaff is running with us again this year:

“I am excited to be running for the Brigham and Women's Stepping Strong Team for the second year in a row! I am honored to be able to participate in this years historic Boston Marathon, and feel lucky to be able to do it with such a special group for an amazing cause. Please consider making a donation to support my marathon fundraiser.”

You can find out more about by visiting our bio and the link “Support the Marathon Team.”

#18 days till the #bostonmarathon.

This year’s runners Colleen and Billy Shouldice explain why they chose to run for #steppingstrong :

No one ever plans or thinks tragedy will happen to them. In March of 2020 a traumatic injury hit our family. Someone very close to us had an accident, where they fell down the stairs. This fall, which could have happened to anyone, left them paralyzed from the neck down. Our family is very thankful that we live in area that has such incredible trauma teams that were able to save their life, teach them how to live with this injury and ultimately get them back home with family.

When tragedy hits, we often look for ways support those affected. In this case, running The Boston Marathon for the Gillian Reny Stepping Strong team at Brigham and Women hospital is an opportunity for us to support those in need. The team’s mission is to inspire groundbreaking innovation, effective prevention, and compassionate intervention care to transform care for civilians and military heroes who endure traumatic injuries and events. We felt raising money for the Stepping Strong team was a tangible way to step up and support the next family to face tragedy.

We appreciate your support and we hope that we will see you on the course come October 11th cheering us on!

You can find out more about by visiting our bio and the link “Support the Marathon Team.”

19 days till the #bostonmarathon.

From Stephen Gillinov who is running this year:

Running the Boston Marathon has been a lifelong goal of mine, and I could not be happier to be running the 2021 Boston Marathon in support of the BWH Stepping Strong Center.

I really, really appreciate your contribution, no matter the amount! It means so much to me, and will have an important impact on what Stepping Strong at the Brigham can do to promote trauma innovation and clinical care--so that there continue to be many more amazing stories like Gillian's. As my legs suffer en route from Hopkinton to Copley Square (especially through the Newton Hills and final 10K) on October 11th, I will use your amazing support that you provided Stepping Strong as the energy that keeps me going.”

You can find out more about Stephen and our other runners by visiting our bio and the link “Support the Marathon Team.”

20 days till the #bostonmarathon.

Pauline is running with her dad Charles:

“My dad, Charles, and I ran the virtual Boston Marathon for the Stepping Strong Foundation Marathon Team in Clinton, NY last September. We had such a great experience, we have decided to do it again- this time, in person! This coming October, the Boston Marathon will be held on the traditional course all the way from Hopkinton to Boston.

We are so excited to join the same team we were on last year and raise money for the Stepping Strong Foundation again. An incredible organization, we can’t wait to continue working with them during our training.”

You can find out more by visiting our bio and the link “Support the Marathon Team.

#steppingstrong #boston #marathon #bostonmarathon

In the lead up to the #bostonmarathon (21 days!) we will be sharing the stories of this year’s runners.

We hope we inspire you to support us or perhaps even join us next year!

You can find out more by visiting our bio and the link “Support the Marathon Team.”

What better way to introduce our marathon team than with the story of our very own @aereny and @stevenreny

In 2013, Boston was changed forever when a beautiful Marathon Monday turned into a senseless tragedy. Gillian Reny, then a high school senior, was one of the 39 critically injured patients rushed to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where doctors and nurses saved her life and both of her legs. In gratitude to the Brigham, the Reny family established The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation to help other trauma patients like Gillian regain their strength and ability to step strong once again.

Thank you for supporting this extraordinary group of runners and continuing to honor the Boston Strong spirit that still defines our city today.

#bostonstrong #marathon #fundraising #boston

With 24 (!) days to go till the @bostonmarathon we are delighted to say that the #steppingstrong center has reached 87% of its #fundraising goal!!

We are almost there, please help our runners reach their fundraising goals 💖💖

Runners: share your links with us and we will post them in our stories and posts !!

Thank you to everyone 💖💖💖 #grateful #turningtragedyintohope

25 days until the @bostonmarathon #bostonmarathon

Head over to @chelsea__shortsleeve if you’d like to contribute to her fundraising 💖💖

Thank you @chelsea__shortsleeve !! We will be cheering for you on the big day 💓

Head over to for some awesome giveaways (and to help fundraise for #steppingstrong 😉)


#turningtragedyintohope #fundraising #donate #giveaway

New #steppingstrong publication #alert

In a new paper published in #advancedmaterials , first author Dr. Tom Kamperman, corresponding author Dr. Jeroen Leijten and team collaborated with #steppingstrong innovator and breakthrough awardee Dr. Su Ryon Shin to develop a new type of cell–material interaction strategy (which they call DOCKING). This bioinspired and cytocompatible cell-tethering strategy offers new routes to study and engineer cell–material interactions, thereby advancing applications ranging from drug delivery, to cell-based therapy, to cultured meat.

#coolstuff as always Dr. Shin!

Happy Monday everyone 💖

Mark @mcmill19 who ran the Boston Marathon @bostonmarathon course with #steppingstrong last year shared this awesome picture of the #steppingstrong stash! @mcmill19 hopes to run again in 2022, and we hope he will join our team!!

We are forever grateful to our runners 💖💖

The #SteppingStrong Center community honors all those lost on #9/11. ...

Thanks to our #SteppingStrong #InjuryPrevention Lunch & Learn panelists and attendees for participating in a thoughtful conversation about making the streets safe for EVERYONE -- no matter where they live -- through meaningful policy and community advocacy. ...

Our profound thanks to #SteppingStrong #Trauma Fellow Michelle Joseph, MBBS, BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD, FRCS, for leading medical and humanitarian efforts on behalf of trauma survivors in #Haiti. As the chief strategy and health equity officer for the Program in Global Surgery and Social Change at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Joseph focuses on strengthening trauma systems in low- and middle-income countries, including PROject Trauma Haiti.


Stepping Strong Injury Prevention Lunch & Learn.

Join us tomorrow, September 9, 12-1pm for a program on creating safer communities for walking and biking.


NOTE: We are now offering continuing medical education (CME) credits for physicians.

Contact Cheryl Lang for more information. @cheryljasmine

#steppingstrong #injuryprevention

Congrats to Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD, #SteppingStrong Research Scholar and Director of the @massgeneralbrigham Wound Care Center, for being selected as a visiting professor for the American Association for Plastic Surgery (AAPS) @aaps1921

During the academic year, Dr. Orgill will visit six plastic surgery training programs across the country.

On this #laborday we would like to thank everyone in the #steppingstrong community who works so hard to make our center what it is. We are tremendously grateful for the work of our #scientists #surgeons #committee and #fundraisers. Thank you! ...

Second gold medal for @morganstickney in swimming’s medley relay!!! #amazing Congratulations, #steppingstrong is so proud 💖💖

Caption: Gold medalists Hannah Aspden, Mikaela Jenkins, Jessica Long and Morgan Stickney of Team United States pose during the women’s 4x100m Medley Relay - 34 points medal ceremony on day 9 of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Getty Images

What an amazing performance!! @morganstickney you are an absolute legend 💖💖💖 a GOLD win for @usparaswimming #steppingstrong is SO proud of you 🎉🎉 #turningtragedyintohope #paralympics #swimming ...

Natalie Artzi, PhD, is an assistant professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School; principal research scientist MIT; and an associate member of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. A two-time #SteppingStrong awardee, the Stepping Strong Scientific Advisor, and a recipient of the Brigham’s Bright Futures Prize, Artzi’s work focuses on leveraging material science, chemistry, imaging, and biology to design smart material platforms and medical devices to improve human health. Donna Woonteiler spoke with Artzi about her passion for propelling technologies from the bench to the bedside to benefit trauma patients.

Head over to our website to read the interview


We 💖💖 seeing stash arriving at their destination!! And Ollie 💖💖 the #steppingstrong blanket 🐶

Perfect for #nationaldogday 🐶🐶

#bostonmarathon #turningtragedyintohope

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