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"Trauma affects everyone, regardless of age, race, or economic status. Stepping Strong aims to reduce the number and severity of traumatic injuries in Boston and beyond."
—Ali Salim, MD, Stepping Strong Center Medical Co-Director

"A moment that defines my commitment to leading the center was when Gillian and I participated in B.A.A. 5K race. Our goal is to fuel innovation programs that lead to happy endings like Gillian’s."
—Mitchel B. Harris, MD, Stepping Strong Medical Co-Director

“For patients with a high level of chronic pain, amputation can be the best form of salvage. Ewing Procedure patients enjoy more precise control of their limb and increased sensory freedom.”
— Matthew J. Carty, MD, Stepping Strong Center Director of Strategy and Innovation

“Our goal is to provide the brilliant professionals at the Brigham with the funding to help patients with devastating traumatic injuries achieve the best possible outcomes."
—Steven, Audrey, Danielle, and Gillian Reny

The mission of The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation is to catalyze multidisciplinary collaborations that inspire groundbreaking innovation, effective prevention, and compassionate intervention to transform care for civilians and military heroes who endure traumatic injuries and events.

The Stepping Strong Innovator Awards program inspires multi-institutional faculty to pursue groundbreaking innovation with a goal of transforming outcomes for civilians and military heroes worldwide.

The Stepping Strong Injury Prevention and Intervention program aims to reduce the number and severity of traumatic injuries resulting from elderly falls, gun violence, distracted driving, and substance use.

The Stepping Strong Plastic Surgery Trauma Fellowship is a unique program designed to train the next generation of medical leaders in advanced and innovative techniques for treating acute and complex injury.

True to the Boston Strong spirit of kindness and collaboration, the members of the Stepping Strong community are inspired to come together to help those with traumatic injuries step strong again.

When do we say enough? How many massacres must occur before actions are taken to prevent gun violence?

In medicine, we use the term “never event” to describe adverse events that are unambiguous, serious, and preventable.

Mass shootings in schools, in supermarkets, in the subway, are such “never events,” they should never occur but have sadly become an everyday reality.

The #steppingstrong center stands in solidarity with the families of the victims in Uvalde, in Buffalo, in Sacramento, in Corsicana, and every other US city that has had to experience such a grave tragedy.

#endgunviolence #enoughisenough

Content warning: Physical abuse

In a new publication in Academic Radiology first author Dr Ellen Sun, and #steppingstrong researchers Dr. Eric Goralnick, Dr. Ali Salim and Dr. Bharti Khurana, explore the imaging and non-imaging findings seen in patients presenting following Intimate Partner Violence at two Level 1 Trauma Centers.

The authors found that while craniofacial and soft tissue injuries dominate, Intimate Partner Violence can also result in serious thoracoabdominal, extremity and spinal injuries, and even death. Multisystem injuries are common with synchronous craniofacial and upper extremity injuries being the most common combination.

The #steppingstrong center held a very interesting Brunch & Learn discussion yesterday on the long-term outcomes of injury

#ThankYou to Juan Herrera-Escobar, MD, MPH @jpherreraesc who moderated the discussion highlighting long-term outcomes of injury featuring speakers from Johns Hopkins Hospital @hopkinsmedicine , Medical College of Wisconsin @medicalcollegeofwi , Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital @spauldingrehab , and Brigham and Women’s Hospital @brighamandwomens . The conversation raises awareness on various experiences with long-term outcomes after traumatic injury, best practices for improving these outcomes, and how long-term outcomes can inform the prevention of injury.

Today we honor #stopthebleed day.
The birth of Stop the Bleed started overseas on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq. Over a decade, the US #military trained and empowered soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to recognize life-threatening bleeding, apply pressure, pack a wound, or apply a tourniquet. Pre-hospital hemorrhage control, intervention, blood transfusions, and rapid prehospital transport reduced deaths by 44% on the battlefield, which equated to thousands of lives saved.
Fast forward to December 2012, when 20 children and 8 adults were tragically killed in the #SandyHook shooting. One year later, the #BostonMarathon bombings occurred. On that fateful day, 30 individuals, including @_gilliansara , survived because of life-saving care applied in the field, either by #bostonEMS or by laypersons. That showed us that civilians would step up to render aid in a crisis setting.
One of our goals at the #SteppingStrong Center is to train laypeople to stop uncontrolled bleeding and empower civilians to save lives.
Check out this #PSA in which actors from two medical TV shows share information on #hemorrhage control to the people of #Ukraine. This video was produced by the @amcollsurgeons in collaboration with #SteppingStrong's military-civilian advisor and stop the bleed advocate Dr. Eric Goralnick.

With 12 days to go, the #steppingstrong community has reached 75% of the #stepup for @steppingstrongcenter step goal!!

Here are some snaps from the various places around the world our community has #steppedup from; from Boston to Vermont to Maui, from Canada, to Mexico, to Belgium to Cyprus !!

Keep counting your steps everyone, we are almost there 💖💪


Congratulations to our Medical Executive Committee Member Dr. Zara Cooper for her appointment as Professor of Surgery @harvardmed
Dr. Cooper is a national leader in surgical palliative care and geriatric trauma and the Michele & Howard J. Kessler Distinguished Chair in Surgery & Public Health

Dr. Dennis Orgill, #steppingstrong research scholar, was recently in New Haven with @yaleplasticsurgery as a visiting professor and gave a talk on #innovation in #plasticsurgery
👏 👏

Image credit: @yaleplasticsurgery

With 251,402,592 steps we’ve just passed 50% of our target goal to secure an $100k donation to #steppingstrong !!

Hi from @aereny and @stevenreny who #stepup for #steppingstrong in Santa Barbara 💪💖

In a recent interview Scott Weiner, an emergency physician and the medical director of the Brigham Comprehensive Opioid Response and Education and Quality and Safety programs, discusses a #SteppingStrong Injury Prevention program that empowers lay people to reverse opioid deaths.

Check out our stories for a link to the interview

It was a pleasure to host our talented #SteppingStrong fellows, Sarabeth Spitzer, Tawnee Sparling, & Michelle Joseph, in a board meeting last night.

Grateful to their mentors - Molly Jarman @mollypjarman , Matt Carty @mjc7001 , & Andrea Pusic - for joining us and guiding their #educational journeys.

Please join the #SteppingStrong Injury Prevention Program community for

Brunch & Learn:
Long-Term Outcomes of Injury

May 19, 2022  |  10:00am

Join us! Email for a calendar invitation
Virtual Link:

Featuring presenters from Medical College of Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

We are almost 1/3 done with our Step Up goal, and have 22 days to go!!

Sign up using the link in our highlights to add your steps and get your hands on some cute #steppingstrong stash 🤝💖💪

#steppingstrong would like to wish a wonderful #MothersDay to all the mothers and mother figures who selflessly make sacrifices every day for their children! 💖💖 ...

Repost from @ec_saints

EC junior women’s soccer player Catherine Manning shared her story of Stepping Strong and it’s a good one that we think you’ll enjoy. Keep stepping strong, Cat!!

Link in stories to read about her resilient recovery and journey to running the 2022 Boston Marathon.

Stepping Strong’s scientific advisor Natalie Artzi, Ph.D., recently had a Q&A, with @massgeneralbrigham @brighamandwomens to discuss the work of her lab on gene therapy advancement to provide improved care for patients living with a variety of diseases.

Dr Artzi is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and researcher in the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Artzi and her team are researching the design of smart biomaterials for disease monitoring. Additionally, they are investigating gene and cell therapy deliveries for a range of diseases and for tissue regeneration applications. In

#SteppingStrong is now accepting applications for this year’s Innovator Awards. Up to 4 awards of $100K each will be granted.

Multidisciplinary proposals will be given top consideration. Learn more and apply:

Link also in bio 💖💪

#trauma #injuryprevention #MedTwitter

Starting this Sunday join thousands of participants and 50+ companies in a month-long challenge to take 500 million steps together during May, #NationalTraumaAwarenessMonth anywhere in the world!

When the community reaches the steps goal, our sponsors will make a $100,000 donation to The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Participants will receive health, wellness, and nutrition information from @brighamandwomens , and be eligible for weekly drawings for prizes like Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards and Stepping Strong gear.

You can sign up here:

Or using the link in our bio or highlights

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