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The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation is proud to support groundbreaking research projects by the most collaborative physicians, bioengineers, bench researchers, and students seeking to transform trauma care.

The Stepping Strong Center’s model—bestowing seed grants to research teams that show great promise—has a proven track record, having resulted in significant federal funding to many research teams, leading to better patient outcomes and the potential for commercialization. To date, 58 physician-scientist teams have received grants totaling $7.7 million. In aggregate, Stepping Strong Center awardees have raised an additional $25 million in outside funding for their research.

Stepping Strong Center Award Programs

  • Stepping Strong Innovator Awards: This annually awarded, peer-reviewed program provides $100,000 awards to deserving projects that fall into three main categories: (1) those that prevent traumatic injury before it occurs; (2) those that improve the treatment and care of traumatic injury when it does occur; and (3) those that help patients recover from traumatic injuries.
  • Stepping Strong Breakthrough Awards: These awards are given to previous Innovator Award recipients who have made extraordinary scientific progress, providing them with additional support to advance their projects to the next level, whether they involve clinical innovation, new technologies, or commercialization.
  • Start-Up Grants. The Start-Up grant program helps launch early-stage research initiatives that align with the mission of the center.
  • Stepping Strong Research Scholars. When the Stepping Strong Center was established in 2014, two multidisciplinary teams of scholars received funding to push the boundaries of transformative trauma-related research care.
  • Stepping Strong COVID Award. Compassion, collaboration, and a commitment to doing good are the core of the center’s vision. So, when the pandemic struck, the center acted quickly to dedicate financial resources to Jeffrey Karp, PhD, a member of the Stepping Strong Medical Executive Committee, and Nitin Joshi, a bioengineer at the Brigham. Along with their collaborators, Karp and Joshi are developing a nasal spray-based shield to prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
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