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Two multidisciplinary teams of scholars continue to push the boundaries of transformative trauma-related research care. Julie Glowacki, PhD, and Mitchel B. Harris, MD, are exploring the use of stem cells to advance bone regeneration, with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the effects of age, hormone deficiency, and vitamin D deficiency on bone-forming cells. Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD, in collaboration with Laura Bayer, PA-C, are working to develop better methods to regenerate skin and heal wounds.

Julie Glowacki, PhD

Director, Skeletal Biology Program, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Professor, Orthopedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School
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Dennis P. Orgill, MD, PhD

Vice Chair, Department of Surgery, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Medical Director, BWH Wound Care Center
Professor, Harvard Medical School
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