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Director of Strategy and Innovation

In addition to his role as director of strategy and innovation at the Stepping Strong Center, Carty also serves as director of the Lower Limb Extremity Transplant Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and as assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Carty is focused on reinventing how lower extremity amputations are performed to provide amputees with greater control of prosthetics and restore their limb responsiveness. In collaboration with Hugh Herr, PhD, from the Center for Extreme Bionics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carty and his team invented the agonist-antagonist myoneural interface (AMI) procedure—a surgical method that preserves the normal signaling between a patient’s ankle-foot muscles and his or her brain. The pioneering surgery makes it possible for an amputee to use a bionic prosthetic that acts like a natural limb.

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