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Since the Stepping Strong Center was established in February 2014, the cause has captured the imagination of local and national media as well as more than 20,000 individuals worldwide. Scroll down to view media coverage, Stepping Strong annual reports, and newsletter archives.

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He lost his arm in an accident. A new surgery and a bionic prosthetic are giving him back unprecedented control.

The fact that Burkhard can move any fingers is practically a miracle. The hand he controls is not his own, but a robotic prosthesis clamped to a lab bench 3…

Boston doctors wanted to help Ukrainians. They made YouTube tutorials on how to control bleeding wounds.

As heavy metal music plays in the background, a doctor grabs a piece of cloth and places it atop an open wound on a medical dummy. Pressing on the cloth…

Ca2+-supplying black phosphorus-based scaffolds fabricated with microfluidic technology for osteogenesis

Effective osteogenesis remains a challenge in the treatment of bone defects. The emergence of artificial bone scaffolds provides an attractive solution. In this work, a new biomineralization strategy is proposed…

Dual targeting of salt inducible kinases and CSF1R uncouples bone formation and bone resorption

Bone formation and resorption are typically coupled, such that the efficacy of anabolic osteoporosis treatments may be limited by bone destruction. The multi-kinase inhibitor YKL-05–099 potently inhibits salt inducible kinases…

Perceived Social Support is Strongly Associated with Recovery after Injury

The strength of one’s social support network is a potentially modifiable factor that may have a significant impact on recovery after injury. We sought to assess the association between one’s…

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training strategies in the times of COVID-19: a systematic literature review comparing different training methodologies

Traditional, instructor led, in-person training of CPR skills has become more challenging due to COVID-19 pandemic. We compared the learning outcomes of standard in-person CPR training (ST) with alternative methods…

Exertional Heat Stroke at the Boston Marathon: Demographics and the Environment

Younger and faster runners are at higher risk for EHS at the Boston Marathon. Greater increases in heat stress from start to peak during a marathon may exacerbate risk. EHS…

Telemedicine Use in Disasters: A Scoping Review

Disasters have many deleterious effects and are becoming more frequent. From a health-care perspective, disasters may cause periods of stress for hospitals and health-care systems. Telemedicine is a rapidly growing…

ICG-based dynamic contrast-enhanced fluorescence imaging guided open orthopaedic surgery—pilot patient study

Post-traumatic infection is one of the most prevalent and challenging complications facing orthopedic surgeons in both military and civilian populations, occurring after up to 60% of open bone fractures[1-7]. This…

In Vivo Printing of Nanoenabled Scaffolds for the Treatment of Skeletal Muscle Injuries

Extremity skeletal muscle injuries result in substantial disability. Current treatments fail to recoup muscle function, but properly designed and implemented tissue engineering and regenerative medicine techniques can overcome this challenge.…

Imaging patterns of lower extremity injuries in victims of intimate partner violence (IPV)

Recurrent injuries of the foot and ankle, synchronous craniofacial injuries, and upper extremity injuries in young women (

Light‐Controlled Growth Factors Release on Tetrapodal ZnO‐Incorporated 3D‐Printed Hydrogels for Developing Smart Wound Scaffold

Advanced wound scaffolds that integrate active substances to treat chronic wounds have gained significant recent attention. While wound scaffolds and advanced functionalities have previously been incorporated into one medical device,…

Comparison of Acellular Solutions for Ex-situ Perfusion of Amputated Limbs

Hypothermic ex-situ machine perfusion (MP) has been shown to be a promising alternative to static cold storage (SCS) for preservation of solid organs for transplantation and vascularized composite allotransplantation. Source:…

Neural interfacing architecture enables enhanced motor control and residual limb functionality postamputation

Despite advancements in prosthetic technologies, patients with amputation today suffer great diminution in mobility and quality of life. We have developed a modified below-knee amputation (BKA) procedure that incorporates agonist–antagonist…

This injury may signal domestic violence, study warns

Approximately one-third of domestic violence victims may suffer from a specific type of fracture to the forearm, which underscores the need for proper screenings, per a news release. Source: FOX…

Brigham and Women’s Step Up for Stepping Strong logs 555 million steps

The 2020 virtual Step Up for Stepping Strong Challenge involved 3,000 participants and ended with presenting sponsor Cigna making a 100,000 donation to the Stepping Strong Center. Source: WCVB

Perspective on optical imaging for functional assessment in musculoskeletal extremity trauma surgery

A reliable assessment of tissue viability is critical to effectively treating patients who sustain traumatic extremity injury. Despite their relatively inert appearance, bone, tendons, and ligaments are, physiologically speaking, highly…

Domestic violence rose during lockdown — and injuries are dramatically more severe, study finds

Intimate partner violence spiked 80% after pandemic lockdown began. Source:

New Study Shows Increase in Domestic Violence Injuries during COVID-19

Social distancing and lockdowns have negative impact on stressful domestic households Source: RSNA

Defining a Research Agenda for Layperson Prehospital Hemorrhage Control

What are the key areas and questions on which future research of prehospital hemorrhage control by laypersons should be focused? Source: The JAMA Network

Intimate Partner Violence Crisis in the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Can Radiologists Make a Difference?

The COVID-19 crisis resulted in a variety of physical and mental health issues beyond the viral infection itself, as indicated by an increase in domestic violence. Source:

Hospitals Redeploy Thousands of Health Care Workers to Respond to COVID-19 Crisis

In just a few weeks, thousands of Massachusetts hospital workers have been suddenly thrust into new roles to respond to the coronavirus crisis. Source: The Boston Globe

Who Gets a Ventilator? New Gut-Wrenching State Guidelines Issued on Rationing Equipment

Preference given to medical personnel, people who are healthy, younger. Source: The Boston Globe

Handheld 3D Printers Developed to Treat Musculoskeletal Injuries

The bioprinter enables surgeons to deposit scaffolds—or materials to help support cellular and tissue growth—directly into the defect sites within weakened skeletal muscles. Biomedical engineers at the UConn School of…

Swimmer With Bionic Legs Plans To Keep On Swimming

Bionic limbs, long the stuff of science fiction fantasy, are becoming reality. An extremely rare vascular disease caused New Hampshire’s Morgan Stickney, a pre-med student and elite swimmer, to have…

Topological mechanics of knots and tangles

Why is it that some knots seem to hold tight while others readily slip apart? Source: AAAS

A Swimmer Thrived After an Amputation. Then She Needed Another.

Morgan Stickey began training for the Paralympics after having her left leg amputated below the knee. But a familiar pain struck again. Source: New York Times

Surgeons Test-Drive the Amputation of the Future

Surgeons test-drive the amputation of the future with a mail-order limb, rerouted nerve, and prosthetic hand that grips like the real thing. Source: STAT

Stepping Strong Celebrates 5 Years of Fundraising

Gillian Reny was severely injured — she was watching the 2013 race near the finish line. Today, her Stepping Strong organization celebrates five years of raising funds for trauma care…

A Swimmer Saved by What She Lost

Tormented by pain, Morgan Stickney made the agonizing decision to have her lower leg removed. The groundbreaking procedure may change the course of her life, and the future of amputations.…

Brain-Controlled Bionic Limbs Developed at MIT

For amputees, robotic limbs that move like the real thing and are controlled by the mind are a game changer. The “smart limbs” being developed at the Massachusetts Institute of…

Homeland Security ‘Stop The Bleed’ Initiative Aims to Improve Survival Rates

The Homeland Security Department’s Stop the Bleed initiative aims to turn bystanders into rescuers. Source: CBS

Stepping Strong Center ‘Turning Tragedy Into Hope’ After Boston Marathon Bombings

With her contagious smile and sparkling spirit, you would never know what 23-year-old Gillian Reny has been through over the past five years. “Looking back on that day, I never…

How The Marathon Bombing Helped Bring Innovation To Amputation

Army veteran Brandon Korona pulls up his pant leg, rearranges a protective sleeve, and twists off the plastic socket on top of his prosthetic left leg. It comes off with…

Organization Founded By Marathon Bombing Victim’s Family Changes Lives

Five years ago, Gillian Reny was one of the many injured by the Boston Marathon bombings. The doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital saved her life, and her injured legs.…

Marathon Bombing Survivor Surprises Rescuer With ‘Hero Award’

A man who came to the rescue of a marathon bombing survivor attended a special event Wednesday night only to learn he was the one being honored. Source: CBS Boston

New Tool For Measuring Broken Bones May Help Shorten Recovery

Trauma care researchers use grant from Boston Marathon victim’s charity Source: WCVB

Annual Reports
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Spring – Stepping Strong Center: Empowering People to Save Lives in Trauma


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Spring – Injury Prevention: Safety Is a Choice, Prevention Is Key
Summer – Injury Prevention: Drowning Prevention Resources
Summer – Stepping Strong Center: Research Spotlight: Q&A with Natalie Artzi, PhD
Fall – Injury Prevention: The MGB Community Cares Team
Fall – Stepping Strong Center: Highlights from the 2021 Stepping Strong Symposium


Falls Prevention

Fall – Stepping Strong Center: New Study: Domestic Violence Injuries Increase Sharply During COVID-19
Fall – Injury Prevention: Long-Term Outcomes after Injury: The FORTE Multi-Center Cohort Study
Winter – Injury Prevention: Preventing Falls in Older Adults
Summer – Injury Prevention: The Center for Community Health and Health Equity Violence
Summer – Stepping Strong Center: Super-Charged Protection to Fight COVID-19


Fall – Injury Prevention: Substance Use Prevention
Summer – Injury Prevention: The 5 Es of Injury Prevention
Spring: Support our Marathon Team with a Gift of $26.20!


Winter: Meet the 2018 Innovator Award Recipients!
Fall: Research Symposium Highlights Advances in Trauma Innovation
Summer: Great things are happening at the Stepping Strong Center
Spring: Five Years Strong!


Fall: Simple Actions can Save Lives
Summer: Trauma: A Neglected Global Epidemic
Spring: Year Three: Momentum and Milestones


Winter: Stepping Strong Innovator Redefines the Way an Amputation is Done
Fall: Vote for a Groundbreaking Research Project
Summer: A Record-breaking Marathon Season
Spring: Read the Stepping Strong Report


Winter: What an Inspiring Year
Summer: Vote Now for Your Favorite Research Project
Spring: Thanks for Your Support this Marathon Season
Winter: Stepping Strong in 2015


Fall: Help Gillian Give Away $100,000
Summer: Thanks from the Reny Family

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