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Ali Salim, MD (second from the left), leads the Stepping Strong Injury Prevention Program

By transforming how caregivers and researchers meet the challenges of patients at risk for trauma or traumatic injury recovery, we are shifting the role of the hospital as a resource that extends far beyond the walls of inpatient care and into the community.” —Ali Salim, MD

The mission of the Stepping Strong Injury Prevention and Intervention Program is to reduce the burden of injury by advancing evidence-based prevention activities through community outreach, research of best practices, and training of healthcare professionals at the Brigham and beyond.

Traumatic injury is one of the most under-recognized—yet pervasive—medical challenges in the nation. Because it affects all ages, its impact on life years lost is equal to that of cancer, heart disease, and HIV combined.

Recognizing that the only way to truly eliminate the burden of injury is to prevent injuries from ever occurring, The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation is deeply committed to tackling this devastating public health issue.

Under the direction of Ali Salim, MD, the Stepping Strong Injury Prevention and Intervention Program brings together patient care and training experts from across the Brigham and Harvard Medical School to reduce the number and severity of traumatic injuries. Our program is uniquely positioned to become a national leader in this critical work. Here’s how:

Injury Prevention - Research

Research is critical to discovering innovative solutions to prevent the incidence and improve the consequences of injuries. We research cutting-edge interventions, evaluate injury prevention programs, and fund multidisciplinary projects to implement best practices to prevent injuries.

Injury Prevention - Outreach

Through our outreach activities, we seek to empower citizens and give them the tools to live a life exempt from the burden of injuries. Outreach also lets us share evidenced-based injury prevention discoveries with community members and policymakers with a goal of translating research into practice.

Injurty Prevention - Education

Injury prevention is a multidisciplinary field requiring collaboration between clinicians, public health practitioners, researchers, and community organizations. The program offers education and training opportunities that are designed to connect clinical and public health domains at all career levels.

A Shared Resource for a Shared Mission

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has many established injury prevention efforts. The Stepping Strong Injury Prevention and Intervention Program is proud to serve as a shared resource for these extraordinary efforts by providing administrative support, professional communications and design resources, guidance for program implementation and evaluation, and opportunities for program expansion. The program will also provide training and support for health professionals interested in learning more about the injury prevention field, integrating existing efforts into clinical practices, and providing resources to expand community outreach.

Reducing the Burden of Injury Through the 5 Es

Modern injury prevention is a holistic practice that focuses on predictable factors that reduce the burden of injury through Engineering, Enforcement, Economics, Education, and Exploration.

Focus Areas

The Stepping Strong Injury Prevention and Intervention Program is one of only a handful of programs across the country to offer this specialized focus, providing world-class expertise in medicine, surgery, social work, psychology, and patient advocacy. Our program addresses the following six focus areas:

  • Falls Preventions
  • Firearm Injury Prevention and Emergency Preparedness
  • Trauma Patient Outcomes
  • Violence Prevention
  • Traffic Safety
  • Substance Use Prevention
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