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“It has been an honor to educate, guide, and mentor the first five Stepping Strong Trauma Fellows. These talented individuals have taken what they have learned about trauma research and management of complex upper- and lower-extremity wounds and helped spread the Stepping Strong message to other institutions in Boston and across the country.” —Christian Sampson, MD, Director, Stepping Strong Trauma Fellowship

It is only recently that trauma has emerged as a medical discipline. The Stepping Strong Center is dedicated to training the next generation of medical leaders and providing educational and funding opportunities for healthcare professionals and learners who wish to contribute to the field and/or expand their understanding of traumatic injury.

Now in its fourth year, the Stepping Strong Trauma Fellowship is a unique educational opportunity that enables promising young surgeons and researchers to train with experts to learn the most advanced, innovative techniques to transform trauma care. Under the direction of Christian E. Sampson, MD, fellows will have the opportunity to learn from and train alongside some of the world’s leading surgeons and researchers in collaboration with multidisciplinary colleagues from trauma, orthopaedic, vascular, plastic surgery, and other services.

In July 2019, Sampson welcomed our newest Stepping Strong Trauma Fellow, Yori Endo, MD, to the team. Endo follows in the footsteps of Eugene Y. Fukudome, MD (2015–16), Giorgio Giatsidis, MD (2016–17), and Justin C. McCarty, DO (2018–19).

Yori Endo, MD, is the 2019-20 Stepping Strong Trauma Fellow at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Under the mentorship of Stepping Strong Innovator Award recipient Indranhil Sinha, MD, Endo is investigating factors involved in muscle aging and the effect of tissue substitutes (scaffolds) utilizing human stem cells and 3D printing technology, with the goal of improving patient outcomes related to volumetric muscle loss. Endo completed her master’s and medical degree in Cambridge, UK, and has been working as a research fellow at the Brigham since 2017.  Endo and Sinha hope to apply their knowledge of molecular mechanisms involved in muscle regeneration from the lab directly to cutting-edge medical technology in order to generate a clinical solution to treating complex muscle injuries.

Christian E. Sampson, MD, is the director of the Stepping Strong Trauma Fellowship program, a co-investigator in the Department of Plastic Surgery, and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. He specializes in complex hand and microsurgery, including tendon transfers, nerve repairs, and vascular conditions. He received a bachelor’s degree from DePauw University, a master’s degree from Boston University, and his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine. Sampson trained in general surgery at Boston University and in plastic surgery at the Brigham and Harvard Medical School. Read an interview with Dr. Sampson.

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