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"Trauma affects everyone, regardless of age, race, or economic status. Stepping Strong aims to reduce the number and severity of traumatic injuries in Boston and beyond."
—Ali Salim, MD, Stepping Strong Center Medical Co-Director

"A moment that defines my commitment to leading the center was when Gillian and I participated in B.A.A. 5K race. Our goal is to fuel innovation programs that lead to happy endings like Gillian’s."
—Mitchel B. Harris, MD, Stepping Strong Medical Co-Director

“For patients with a high level of chronic pain, amputation can be the best form of salvage. Ewing Procedure patients enjoy more precise control of their limb and increased sensory freedom.”
— Matthew J. Carty, MD, Stepping Strong Center Director of Strategy and Innovation

“Our goal is to provide the brilliant professionals at the Brigham with the funding to help patients with devastating traumatic injuries achieve the best possible outcomes."
—Steven, Audrey, Danielle, and Gillian Reny

The mission of The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation is to catalyze multidisciplinary collaborations that inspire groundbreaking innovation, effective prevention, and compassionate intervention to transform care for civilians and military heroes who endure traumatic injuries and events.

The Stepping Strong Innovator Awards program inspires multi-institutional faculty to pursue groundbreaking innovation with a goal of transforming outcomes for civilians and military heroes worldwide.

The Stepping Strong Injury Prevention and Intervention program aims to reduce the number and severity of traumatic injuries resulting from elderly falls, gun violence, distracted driving, and substance use.

The Stepping Strong Plastic Surgery Trauma Fellowship is a unique program designed to train the next generation of medical leaders in advanced and innovative techniques for treating acute and complex injury.

True to the Boston Strong spirit of kindness and collaboration, the members of the Stepping Strong community are inspired to come together to help those with traumatic injuries step strong again.

Join radiologist Dr. Bharti Khurana, winner of a #SteppingStrong Innovator Award for her Intimate Partner Violence project, for a special #GrandRounds at @brighamandwomens on Aug 17, 12-1pm:

Clinical Innovation in #Trauma: From Inception to Automation to Impact

Registration link in stories 💪

In case you missed it, this past May, Team BWH @brighamandwomens squared off against Team MGH @massgeneral as part of a friendly competition to raise the most funds for the 26th Annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace. The walk supported the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute— @peaceinstitute an integral community partner of the #SteppingStrong Injury Prevention Program and a cornerstone of care and healing for survivors of homicide in #Boston. The walk, which is a beloved tradition celebrating the potential to create more peaceful communities, raised $600,000 to supply critical funds to provide invaluable services, advocacy, and training to the community.

You can also donate to the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute using the link in our stories 💖💪

POPI is excited to be hosting its 3rd Annual National Opioid and Substance Awareness Day (NOSAD) on September 13, 2022 from Noon – 3p.m. EST. Distinguished guests this year include Patrick Kennedy of the Kennedy Forum, Dr. Delphin-Rittmon of SAMSHA and other speakers from HHS, CDC, MGB and more!


Don’t miss it!!

We have one bib that just became available for the Falmouth Road Race on August 21!

This is a great race and people LOVE it!

If you are interested in this bib, you need to let @ali_she_ya know by 10AM (first come, first served) and you must register by 12PM TODAY and fill out the fundraising contract.

What you need to know:
2022 Brigham Falmouth Team:
1. $1,500 fundraising minimum due by 9/30
2. Perks: Gear, access to team coach and training plans, fundraising incentives, and much more

Join us, it’s always fun 💖💖💖

In honor of National Health Center Week, the #SteppingStrong Center at @massgeneralbrigham would like to thank our runners, researchers, community partners, and donors for helping us advance the continuum of #trauma care - from #prevention to #treatment to #rehab. 🙏

#NHCW2022 #turningtragedyintohope

Innovator Award recipient Cornelia Griggs, MD, is a pediatric surgeon at @massgeneral , the director of education at the MGH Center for Gun Violence Prevention @mgh_gvpc , and a passionate advocate for preventing gun violence. We caught up with Dr. Griggs to discuss her #SteppingStrong funded project—Developing and evaluating an avatar/virtual reality-based gun violence prevention training program for clinicians—and the importance of using a public health approach to unravel the challenge of #gunviolence in the U.S.

You can read the interview using the link in our stories and highlights ✍️✍️

For those of you attending the 58th annual meeting of Swiss Plastic Surgery / 10th Annual meeting of Swiss Aesthetic Surgery be sure to stop by (23rd, 9-10am, Free communications: Research) and check out some #steppingstrong funded work!

@sameij is medical student from Germany currently working in the Tissue Engineering and Wound Healing Lab @harvard_plastic_surgery @brighamandwomens @harvardmed under the supervision of #steppingstrong funded Dr Dennis Orgill and Dr @adrianapanayi and will be presenting on the group’s work on how negative pressure wound therapy affects scarring and fibrosis 👏👏

In this nature communications paper #steppingstrong -funded Dr. Wei Tao and team developed a convenient oral therapy (based on microalgae!) that allowed effective radioprotection of the small intestine. This offer a promising, competitive strategy with great clinical translation potential in cancer radiotherapy.

Read the open access article using the link in our stories

Myth: Only experts can prevent #suicide

Fact: Suicide prevention is everybody’s business, and anyone can help prevent suicide

500+ @massgeneralbrigham employees have benefited from #SteppingStrong's free, virtual #SuicidePrevention training

Email for details

WOW, check out this exciting work by #steppingstrong -funded Dr Matthias Kolle, associate professor of mechanical engineering at MIT.

In collaboration with Dr. Benjamin Harvey Miller and undergraduate student Helen Liu they developed a scalable manufacturing technique that gives materials “structural color” — color that arises as a consequence of a material’s microscopic structure.

“By applying a 19th-century color photography technique to modern holographic materials, they printed large-scale images onto elastic materials that when stretched can transform their color, reflecting different wavelengths as the material is strained.” []

Such technology holds promise for use in medicine, for example as color-changing bandages that can monitor the pressure levels exerted on venous ulcers or lymphatic disorders.

Check stories for link to article !

Check out this new #SteppingStrong -funded publication by Dr. Dennis Orgill and @drclimov describing a novel nitric oxide-releasing gel for treating diabetic wounds.

Link to article in stories

#steppingstrong innovator award recipient Dr. Bharti Khurana recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine @nejm a study that found that supplemental vitamin D3 does not lower the risk of fractures among generally healthy midlife and older adults not selected for vitamin D def, low bone mass, or osteoporosis.

Amazing work 👏👏

Link to article in stories 📖

Join the #SteppingStrong Injury Prevention team at @brighamandwomens !!

We are hiring an Injury Prevention Project Manager! The successful candidate will provide strategic management of the Stepping Strong #InjuryPrevention Program. Thank you for passing along!

Great article about David Crandell, MD - Medical Director of the #Amputee Program at @SpauldingRehab & member of the #SteppingStrong Medical Executive Committee. Crandell helped to establish the Interdisciplinary Care for Amputees Network.

Check stories for link 👏👏


Today, @usnews released its annual rankings and @massgeneralbrigham remains the only health system nationwide with five nationally ranked hospitals.

@brighamandwomens once again earned a spot on the honor roll of the best hospitals in the country, ranking #14.
@spauldingrehab is the #3 hospital nationwide in rehabilitation.


Check out our stories for a link to the @homebaseprogram podcast with Dr. Eric Goralnick on “Emergencies Without Borders – With US Navy Veteran Dr. Eric Goralnick”

Home Base Nation is the official podcast of Home Base Program for Veterans and Military Families, a partnership of @massgeneralbrigham and the @redsoxfoundation

#steppingstrong funded publication alert!

Drs. Juan Herrera-Escobar, Molly Jarman, and Ali Salim, recently published “The Social Vulnerability Index and Long-term Outcomes After Traumatic Injury,” in Annals of Surgery.

The authors found that the Social Vulnerability Index has potential utility in predicting individuals at higher risk for adverse long-term outcomes after injury. This measure may be a useful needs assessment tool for clinicians and researchers in identifying communities that may benefit most from targeted prevention and intervention efforts.

Visual abstract: Annals of Surgery

Our 2021 Innovator award winner, Cornelia Griggs reports good progress on her Avatar-based curriculum project. Along with her co-PI Peter Masiakos, they plan to run their beta testing later this summer and will finalize building the curriculum scripts into the platform. 

You can read a description of their Innovator Award project using the link in today’s story.

Congratulations to two-time Stepping Strong awardee and faculty advisor for the Stepping Strong Military-Civilian initiative, Eric Goralnick who was selected as a George W. Bush institute Veterans Leadership Program Scholar.

The initiative is aimed at individuals serving our nation's veterans who are motivated to broaden their skillsets, knowledge, and influence across the country.

Best wishes to Innovator Award recipient Jeffrey Schneider on the launch of a new academic center at @spauldingrehab . Co-led by Jeff and Joseph Giacino, the Rehabilitation Outcomes Center at Spaulding (ROCS) will act as a knowledge hub that seeks to promote the evidence-based use of outcome measures. If you are interested in collaborating or joining their mailing list, email ...

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